Original Rhetorical Analysis

Below is a link to the rhetorical analysis I did of King Corn. I originally struggled while writing this document and was not truly satisfied with the piece. However, the paragraph below was the saving grace of the paper.

"Overall, King Corn is relatively gentle in its message. It does not tell, it does not stand upon the soapbox, but shows the reality of corn in America today and how it is affecting Americans in all walks of life. The ideas are never too sharp, even though they are at times unsettling, and the overall feeling at the close is one of hope and progress. All of this stems from the way in which the film interacts with its viewer. Using simple and effective strategies, the filmmakers of King Corn have created a piece that speaks to all types of people in a different and fresh way. King Corn uses each brilliantly placed idea to draw its viewer closer and closer until, without realizing, the viewer has become connected both cerebrally and emotionally with every character, issue and message that exists within the film."

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Rhetorical Analysis Of The Original
Reflection On Original Rhetorical Analysis

Revised Rhetorical Analysis

Below I have provided a link to the revised version of my rhetorical analysis. I decided not to include an excerpt here because there was no particular section that changed drastically. Instead, my revision reveals a significant number of small changes whose effects cannot be felt within the confines of a short excerpt. I know that reading the entire paper may seem like extra work, but I encourage you to do just that as I believe it is one of my best pieces of written work.

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The DVD cover of King Corn.

More Written Work

These are two more written works from my 250H experience. The baseline was at the very beginning of the class and the in class essay was done toward the end of semester under a time limit. Neither has been revised.

Baseline Essay
End of Semester In Class Essay